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What would be the situation if you could wake up every morning and open the blinds before you crawl out from underneath the covers? Well, it’s all thanks to smart blinds. These blinds are nothing new to the world of home design. But the light-blocking treatments have undergone a convenient and smart update in recent years.

What are Smart Blinds?

Like regular window treatments, smart blinds are window coverings with a gearbox and a “brain.” They connect to an app on your phone or a remote control through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With voice search technology or a finger tap, you can open or close these options, as it doesn’t matter where you are!

You can also use the application to schedule when your blinds open or close throughout the day. For instance, you can program your east-facing windows to close in the morning and open up in the afternoon if the sun is blindingly bright.

These options come in several styles. You can get these blinds in options of roller shades, dual roller shades, zebra shades, triple shades or even honeycomb shades. Like general options available, you can purchase them in various colors, fabrics and finishes to match your decor.

How Do They  Work?

These options wirelessly link to your smart home or smartphone on a more accessible note. The motor that moves the blinds open and shut is connected to the controls. A power source, such as a solar panel, battery pack or a wall socket and your home electrical system drive the motor. When you give a command or set a program, the engine goes to work to open, close or shift the angle of the blinds. 

Do Smart Blinds Help Save Energy?

Yes! One advantage of it is that it is linked to a smart home system, which can significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs. In order to limit the surplus heat that enters your home from the sun in the summer, you should close them; in the winter, the opposite is true. Automating smart blinds by using smart systems to sense sunlight and temperatures is superior to remembering when to open and close them yourself. 

What Are the Top 5 Benefits of Smart Blinds?

Now that you know what they actually mean let’s look at the key advantages of them. Before you shuffle from blinds of your like to smart blinds, consider what you can gain by adding them to your energy-saving strategies for smart homes.  

  1. Control your blinds easily and conveniently Today’s developed smart blinds are easy to install and use. Your home will become more comfortable with minimal effort.
  1. Conserve Energy Your HVAC system will work more efficiently all year long if you can control the heat that enters your home from the sun and the heat that escapes via windows with inadequate insulation. Your systems won’t have to work as hard when you incorporate them into your strategy to conserve Energy in the summer, which will lower your energy usage and expenses.
  1. Improve Safety Many options in it operate without wires and cords, which can be hazardous to children and pets. Smart blinds can be a great part of making your smart home children-friendly.
  1. Increase Home Security You can deceive robbers who are keeping an eye on your property by programming the shades and blinds into your smart assistant routines while you are away. Your home will be less appealing as a target for a break-in if the ground-floor blinds are closed and valuables are hidden from view. For the security of your smart home, they are essential.
  1. Expand Your Smart Home System When you program your shades and blinds into your smart assistant routines while you are gone, you can fool burglars watching your house into thinking you are at home. Closing the underground smart blinds if you have an underground floor can hide valuables from sight, making your home less attractive as a break-in target. They are crucial to keeping your smart home secure.

Which Factors to Consider when shopping for smart blinds?

With so many choices, here are the key considerations to remember when choosing smart blinds for your home.

  •  Cost– You can buy them under the top-notch budget of $200 and models with many features and choices for over $500.
  • Light filtering capability– Some blinds filter a little light, and others blackout light completely. You will find a range of smart blind options in between those extremes.
  • Power source– You can provide a covering of hard wire to these options and plug them into your smart home wiring system. You can also opt for solar-powered and battery powered models.
  • Style or design– Blinds of these types come in many styles, colors and materials to fit your decor.
  • Materials– It’s better to eye on high-quality materials that will add to the cost but will add the feature of durability too.
  • Warranty– It’s better to have the company backing their product if something goes as not planned.

Can You Convert Regular Blinds to Smart Blinds?

Converting blinds to these options is a cost-effective choice if the price of smart blinds worries you. It’s simple to learn how to automate existing blinds if you purchase kits created specifically for this reason. For the price of one inexpensive smart blind, you can convert three or four ordinary blinds.

Options For Automating Your Existing Blinds

The motor included in the majority of smart blind conversion kits is attached to the opening and closing mechanism. Roll-up blinds and on-chain blinds can both be used with various kits. The automation component will be connected to the smart component once it has been installed. Some have a controller included, while others have an app you can download to your phone.

Are Smart Blinds Worth It?

Smart blinds should be at the top of your list for home automation because of the cost-saving, safety, comfort, and convenience advantages they provide. They can be regarded as one of the smart home enhancements that raises property value and are unquestionably among the smart home gadgets that are worthwhile. You can save money and protect the environment if you can keep your electricity usage below the standard for a dwelling.

If you are looking for options to seek smart blinds in Vancouver, CA-feel free to connect us at Ray Blinds. We are home to various Blinds and Shades that are trending among people. 

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