Our uniquely designed Zebra Blinds in Vancouver offer the ultimate control over decor, privacy, light, and style. Colour-coordinated plus fabric pasted metal head and bottom rail, and more than hundred fabrics are only a few of the characteristics that make these blinds so sought-after. The cordless option makes them sleek and most importantly, child safe. Additionally, these blinds come with automation feature which gives you an option to make them motorized or smart.

Give your home decor a modest look with Zebra blinds vancouver

Blinds made of sheer fabrics that create a zebra-like pattern, that is how it got its name. The zebra’s texture allows homeowners to create environments that vary in brightness depending on the sunlight. When the strips are double crossed (with their front and back shaded blinds), some strips are transparent, while others become solid. The method would allow sunlight to shine through, while not making it too bright; on the other hand, if the horizontal bars don’t intersect, it will completely block out the sun with front and back shaded blinds. The result is a calm, cozy setting, which is bright, but does not receive any sunlight. With Zebra blinds Vancouver, you can go bold and add sophistication to a room’s decor without sacrificing privacy and the efficiency of sun protection. If you choose the perfect design that complements your existing decor and enhances its beauty, your investment in these curtains will envy your neighbors. 

Characteristics of zebra blinds

Fully customizable to fit your budget, Zebra window coverings complement your home décor. Here are some of the advanced features that Zebra blinds Vancouver offer:

  • Hassle-free operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Modern look for modern life
  • Multi functional design

Why Buy Zebra Window Blinds from RAY BLINDS INC?

Zebra Blind uses two-layer fabric with different light transmissions to allow an infinite amount of sunlight into the room. Zebra Blind is a smart design that gives you style and light control in one system. RAY BLINDS INC is proud to offer custom-designed, high quality and expertly made blinds. We are one of the largest and leading curtain suppliers. Our window blinds look great, are easy to maintain, and are competitively priced. Whether you are looking for more information about our product Zebra Blinds Vancouver or would like to schedule a consultation with one of our window dressing specialists, contact us today!