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 Ray Blinds Maple Ridge specializes in window blinds that keep your home beautiful and high on aesthetics without compromising safety and security. We offer you window blinds of different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. From roller blinds to zebra blinds and many more to choose from. Buying window blinds can be a little overwhelming experience, at Ray Blinds Maple ridge we are ready to help you. Window blinds perform multiple functions, and making a mistake in selecting the right blind can cause jitters. Be it PVC blind, fabric, or anything else, ask yourself what your top priority is. Different window blinds come with different strengths and weaknesses. You will have to decide what you can compromise and what you cannot.

For example, if your top priority is to stop the daylight and traffic noise from entering your room, you might prefer blackout roller blinds. But  blackout roller blinds have their limitations. They are not a perfect fit everywhere. Secondly, because it blocks natural light, it is not a good solution in common areas. The strength of polyester based blinds – durability and aesthetic look – is balanced out by the above mentioned drawbacks. Though roller blinds are the perfect choice to block out the sunlight and have privacy, their commercial look can discourage you from going for them. You will find similar pros and cons with other blinds. So, the definition of a great window blind is subjective. The context will determine what is best or not so good.Let Ray Blinds maple Ridge help you .

Our specialty:

There was a time when you did not have many options for window blinds. But today, in times of consumerism, you are spoilt for choices. The most significant challenge a consumer faces today is not a lack of options but having one too many. Hundreds, if not thousands, of shops offer different types of window blinds. This raises a crucial question: what makes 

What makes RayBlinds unique?

Rayblind’s window blinds are state-of-the-art and designed to satisfy your unique needs. You do not have to modify your conditions to fit in the blinds. Instead, we offer you customized window blinds for different purposes and utilities. If your concern is privacy and to keep prying eyes away, we have light filter blinds. But if you think wood blinds are too unwieldy, then we offer you blackout blinds. Blackout windows have thick screens that are excellent for shutting the world away from the privacy of your room.

Rayblind uses cutting-edge technology to produce elegant, cost-effective, and efficient window blinds for all purposes. We never generalize your needs and ensure our windows are as unique as your specific needs.

How do you know what is in fashion?

We always want to know what other people are choosing for themselves. It is not a bandwagon effect but a very basic human instinct. We want to be unique in our lives, but we also wish to fit in. The choices made by others – family members, neighbors, favorite celebrities – influence our decision as well.

Are you wondering what is most popular in your city? Do you wish to know the preferences of others in the city you live in? Well, what others are buying in your city can be a good indicator of city-specific needs. If you live in a megapolis where the cacophony of streets is a permanent fixture in your life, you will opt for a blind that has a thick screen. But suppose you live where your primary motivation behind buying blinds is to shut your family members from your private space so that you can concentrate on your work. In that case, you may opt for something else. To cut a long story short, your preference for blinds depends on your specific need. Even within a city, there are huge variations in people’s preferences for blinds.   

People usually prefer blinds high on aesthetics in Maple Ridge, a comforting and relaxed city. Wood blinds become one with the surrounding of your home and are soothing to the eyes. Also, because wood is a natural material, there is a lot of variation in its texture. Faux wood blinds are another category that is popular because of their wood-like feel. Faux wood looks like wood but does not have any of its drawbacks. For example, you can use wood blinds even in moisture-prone areas. These blinds are not unwieldy to use as they do not contract or expand with change in season. These two categories of window blinds are very famous in your city.

Tips for choosing the right window blinds:

It is OK to know what others prefer. But to make your choice based on others’ likes and dislikes can backfire. The rule of thumb while deciding on window blinds is to understand your specific needs. Are you a professional working from home after the pandemic and need silence to focus? If the answer is yes, you probably need blackout blinds that block din from outside the home and shut out intruding family members.