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Your dream home needs the perfect shades, and we at Rayblinds Vancouver understand this sentiment. Therefore, we strive to provide you with the most eye-catching and attractive blinds that would fit in perfectly with your home and will leave your guests in awe. With our range of blinds, we believe that we are best suited to give your home that sparkle.

Why choose us?

Although there are numerous companies out there, we at Rayblinds believe that we are best suited to cater to your needs. One of the reasons for that is because we provide a more personalized service to our customers. Rayblinds Vancouver make sure that your every demand is fulfilled and is carried out hassle-free. Our customers are our utmost priority, therefore we believe in delivering the service we promise because, for us, a service call is more valuable than a sales call. And to top it all off, we take in customer feedback, to keep improving our services at Rayblinds Vancouver.

What’s popular in your City?

Wondering what the most popular blinds are in your city? Worry not, because Rayblinds Vancouver got you covered. We have compiled the results from the public, and these are the most famous blinds in your city.

1. Roller Blinds
Roller Blinds can turn off or channel daylight into your home and give you the liberty to choose what suits your mood the best. Also, they are extremely simple to use and clean.

2. Zebra Blinds
Zebra blinds are a very modern alternative to horizontal blinds. You can transition between sheer and privacy with Zebra blinds, a type of roller shade. Zebra stripes that are three inches wide can be lined up to serve as a privacy screen, light filter, and insulation.

3. Honeycomb Blinds
Honeycomb blinds or Cellular Blinds are made from one continuous piece of fabric and they either roll up or fold up along their crisp pleats and are the ideal energy-efficient advanced style for your windows.

Custom Tailored to your needs

We know the importance of the perfect house look. Therefore, we provide custom-made blinds which would be a natural fit for your homes. Tailored to suit your needs, Rayblinds Vancouver makes sure that the quality of our blinds meets your expectations and completes the dream look for your home. With easy and hassle-free installation, you won’t even notice us.