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Development of smarter homes are on the rise across Vancouver and broader Canadian locations, as new child safety regulations bans use of exposed cords more people prefer cordless or motorized options. When people staying in Vancouver look for home improvement options, seeking the installation of motorized blinds in Vancouver is the best option above traditional blinds. Checking out with these motorized blinds help you spend more on the window treatments throughout your property and automate them and save a few extra minutes for yourself.

The most recalling part of motorized blinds is that they are known for their simplicity.  While motorized blinds, drapes and shades put time back into your day, they do so much more for you, too. Keep reading to learn how motorized blinds in Vancouver can carry out window treatments to win over manual shaded for your Vancouver home.

1. Easily Adjust Hard-to-Reach Window Treatments

When you think of searching for an efficient covering for your home’s windows, how many of those treatments are hard to reach? Ceiling-high windows are always a big problem when you want privacy or need to protect your home from solar heat but can’t get the cord to adjust the blinds; as a quality solution. When you upgrade to motorized blinds instead of traditional blinds, you can ditch the step stool and simply press a button to adjust your blinds as a window treatment exactly where you want them. 

On the other side, manual window treatments are not enough, but they can be even more challenging to adjust for seniors or people with some disabilities. By changing the cords and strings with a remote, keypad, or mobile app- you will significantly reduce any hassle and make it easy for everyone to adjust the blinds and shades throughout your home.

2. Trick Intruders into Thinking You’re Home

Not only can you control your motorized window treatments with a single button, but you can also schedule them to lift and lower on a timer while you’re at work or away on vacation.

Before leaving your home, you likely close all your blinds to protect your property from sun rays and outside passersby. But if your blinds stay closed for too long, potential burglars may assume you’re not home and find it easier to break-in, even in day time too. Trick intruders by scheduling your window treatments to lift and lower at specific intervals to create the illusion that you’re home. You’ll feel safer leaving for an extended period, and criminals will think again before attempting intrusion.

3. Wake Up with More Energy

Many homeowners invest in their bedrooms’ blackout shades or traditional shades to help with sleep, but only some know that those manual blackout shades may do more harm than good. While light-blocking shades serve many positive purposes, they could unknowingly harm your body’s internal clock, telling you when it’s time to wake up and rest.

We don’t mean you should not think about blackout window treatments. Somewhere, they help protect your valuable artwork and furnishings and keep your smart home cool during peak summer months! Instead, we suggest you replace them with motorized blackout blinds, so you can schedule them to lift on their own every morning so that you don’t wake up in any dark room.

When you create the right lighting conditions at the right time, your brain will know to produce the hormone that energizes you once that natural light bursts in from under your shades. Before you know about it, you will find that waking up in the morning is much easier, and you will be refreshed throughout the day.

4.Act as a System that Integrate with Your Existing Smart Home System

The smart home system is about more than separate operating systems but how the devices integrate to improve your household efficiency. Motorized blinds can operate efficiently with other smart home systems, and you can program your motorized blinds to work with your thermostat, your lights and more.

With remote control, you may close your blinds automatically at night, turn on your security lights, and decrease the thermostat to a cooler setting.

5. Effective Privacy for Bedrooms and Bathrooms with it’s Functioning

Every space looks better with large windows because they let in more natural light. This is also accurate in private spaces like restrooms and bedrooms. In your private rooms, motorized blinds function incredibly effectively. You don’t have to manually operate the blinds in your bathroom or bedroom; you may adjust them anytime. Simply close your blinds with the remote control when you’re ready for bed. For privacy, most homeowners opt to leave some blinds up during the day and automatically close them at night.

Final Words

Ready to upgrade to motorized window treatments to experience the many benefits you can’t get from manual blinds and shades? Our team at Ray Blinds Inc. is prepared to help! We assure to deliver motorized Blinds comprising State-of-the-art mechanisms that continually exceed our customers’ expectations. The best part of connecting with us is that all our innovative home products, like blinds and shades, are available at reasonably low prices.

For more information on our services in providing Zebra Blinds, Window Blinds, and more- visit the Products Page or get in touch directly through our official website today!

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