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Act in haste and repent at leisure is as old a saying as the human habit of making mistakes. You act on your impulse, rush through a decision, and end up with something you do not want for yourself. To save you from blues and blushes, we discuss in detail the mistakes you should avoid while buying zebra blinds. Window treatments occupy an important place in your life and give us a sense of stability: they are durable and usually outlast many of your friendships. In the times we live in, change is inevitable and the only constant. But your window treatment stays with you for a long time, giving you a sense of stability. Of course, you can replace your window blinds whenever you want, but window treatment replacement can burn a hole in your pocket. Additionally, replacement also makes a demand on your time and energy. It is better to make the right choice the first time you buy zebra blinds so that you do not have to hassle yourself in the future. 

What are the commonest mistakes people make while buying Zebra blinds?

1. Falling for cheap marketing tricks:

How many times have you come across deals like, “buy one, get three?’’ There is no free lunch in this world. Everything has a cost. If you are falling for “free”, be prepared for the steep price you will pay later. This is not to claim all offers are misleading. Brands and dealers do often come with “sales offer” where they sell their products on discounts. But these discounts are within the realm of plausibility. Never fall for outlandish claims. If you are being offered zebra blinds at a throwaway price, check the quality of the product. Check if they are following safety standards or are suitable for usage. A little background verification in time will save you a ton of regret later 

2. Bulk-ordering:

You want to change the blinds of every window of your house. To save your time, you decide to order zebra blinds in bulk. And, after the delivery of your ordered zebra blinds, you realize they are not the right fit for all the windows. One-size-fits-all approach to window blinds, more often than not, backfires. The Requirements of every window can be different depending on which room they are in.  For example,  a window in perennially wet areas will have different requirements than, say, for example, your living room window. The size and shape of window will also influence the types of zebra blinds it will need

3. Ignoring exploring additional options:

Patience is in short supply nowadays. You want zebra blinds for your windows; you come across what you think suits you and order them straight away. This is something most people do. There are many zebra blinds to choose from. But choose one that fits into your scheme of things. Hold your horses till you find the best fit for your window. Explore as many options as possible and decide what suits you the best. It is always better to invest an extra hour in exploring different types of zebra blinds than regretting after buying them. 

4. Not paying enough attention to window measurement:

What is the first thing you do when you buy yourself new clothes? Search for the proper fitting clothes, right? The same applies to windows. Zebra blinds, or any other window blinds, are a cover for your windows. Please pay attention to the windows’ measurements before ordering blinds. Blinds are designed according to the different sizes of different windows. Inaccurate measurement will result in the ordering of imperfect zebra blinds that will not only not fit onto your windows but also ruin your home decor. 

5. Giving precedence to look:

Nothing could wreak more havoc than ordering zebra blinds just for the look and feel of it. Imagine buying a pair of beautiful shoes that hardly fit your feet. You will start feeling uncomfortable the moment you slip your feet into them. Good-looking blinds do help in having excellent home decor. But you cannot substitute the functionality of zebra blinds with its looks. So, if you ignore the functions of zebra blinds and decide solely on appearance, you may end up with blinds that cannot stop sunlight or dust. 

6. Buying without asking for samples:

Before you order zebra blinds for your windows:

(a) Ask for a few samples.
(b) See if these samples are what the manufacturer claims them to be.
(c) Match texture, size, color, etc., with what is displayed on the internet and check whether these blinds fit your window.
(d) Order the blinds only when you have what you are looking for. 

7. Reviews:

Reviews are critical to making an informed purchase. Don’t buy zebra blinds without reading their reviews first, lest you want to repent your decision later. Don’t trust whatever you read online. There is a world of difference between paid ad reviews and genuine reviews. Look for the language closely. If a review uses superlatives too often and has nothing negative to say, it is probably a paid ad. Genuine reviews will not be bombastic in language and will never give 100%, no matter how great a product is. You are inviting trouble for yourself if you skip the review part or buy into paid ads hook line and sinker. 


There are dos and don’ts you need to keep in mind when ordering window blinds in Vancouver. Learn from others’ mistakes and ensure you do not make the same mistakes to save time and resources. Window blinds are essential for innumerable reasons, and you should take time before buying. Rayblinds is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of window blinds in Vancouver. Our window blinds, including zebra blinds, are designed to meet your specific needs. Our state-of-the-art technology in designing and manufacturing zebra blinds sets us apart from our competitors and gives a new touch to your home.

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