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Of course, you clean the windows regularly, but shouldn’t this account for the blinds and awnings that cover them? Whether made of vinyl, wood, texture, or aluminum, Blinds are great for blocking light, keeping the room cool, and avoiding contact with neighbors but they also need the “tender love and care”, and you need to know how to clean the blinds

Cleaning blinds is a very simple task and you can do it yourself. All you need is some simple equipment and time. Just follow the steps and techniques given in this blog and learn how to clean blinds quickly and efficiently.

Close the blinds

Start to lower the blinds all the way. Wood blinds and faux wood blinds can be completely closed. The brackets for vinyl and aluminum blinds that often cross are not fully closed but need to be changed to lower them.

Dust the blinds

Wipe the blinds with a microfiber cloth, starting from the top and working your way down. You can also use your vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove the dust. For horizontal blinds, the process is the same except that you wipe from side to side. Work from the top slat to the bottom slat so that the dust doesn’t fall on areas you’ve already cleaned.

Flip the blinds and try again

Flip the blinds to the other side, and repeat the process, to get both sides free of dust.

Use soaked materials to clean heavily soiled blinds

If you don’t have enough paper to clean your blinds, use ultra-fine materials that disperse warm water. Even if you have wooden shutters, be careful not to get them wet. Thorough cleaning is important if stains appear on the vinyl or aluminum blinds in the kitchen. Remove the blinds and put them in warm water along with some detergent. Soak the blinds for about an hour, and then wash them with warm water. Brush them off, cleaning up excess dirt and debris simultaneously.

Note: If the blinds are still dirty and yellow, they may be tanned by the sun. This can also be modified. Place the blinds in a bathtub with cold water and 3 cups of liquid bleach. Let the blinds sit for about 10 minutes, then rinse and pat dry. The detergent should provide a sparkling white new life to the blinds.

Vacuum away excess dust

If you just ran a damp cloth over your blinds, open them and let them air-dry. Vacuum any remaining dust that fell onto the windowsill or the floor while you were dusting.

And one last thing, clean your blinds regularly Clean your blinds once a month and the dust will never get too bad. Blinds that are well taken care of should last for decades (even though most only have a warranty of five years).

Additional Information and Guidelines

Still in doubt regarding how to get the best out of your blinds? We got you covered with some additional FAQs.

  1. What’s the easiest way to clean Roller Blinds? Keeping roller blinds clean is not difficult without the texture of the expert. For general cleaning without removing the blind, the blind should be moved down completely and the vacuum cleaner’s upholstery device should be used to softly remove the residue and soil. After a while for deeper cleaning, wipe in descending order using a clean, damp cloth. Make sure it evaporates completely before the blind pulls back.
  2. How to remove stubborn stains?Use texture stain removal items when you can’t get rid of stains with water alone. Contaminated parts should be treated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This is a powerful cleaning technique, but once cleaned, it leaves a treatment space for the visually impaired and can look much lighter than the blind. The air that is open to the blind will evaporate to prevent assembly.
  3. How to clean fabric-based blinds? Fabric-based blinds usually refer to the blinds made of polyester. Polyester eases the problem of cleaning blinds since polyester blinds are dust resistant and don’t let the dust settle on them. However, in case you stain your blinds, you can just scrub the stains off with a magic eraser sponge.
  4. How often do you clean the blinds? You can prevent dust accumulation by cleaning your blinds once a month. The lifespan of blinds that is properly maintained can be decades (even though most only have a warranty of five years)
  5. Which blinds block the most light? The best blinds for blocking light are blackout roller blinds and blackout honeycomb blinds.
  6. What’s the best all-around blind? Roller blinds are one of our most popular selling blinds because of their versatility and affordable price. They are available in many different styles, fabrics, textures, patterns, and colors.
  7. How long does it take to install blinds? Installing blinds yourself may seem like a daunting task, but it is fairly simple. Your new blinds shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to install a couple of blinds up to 3 hours for covering the entire house.

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