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Though the term “Blinds” broadly includes the option to cover the window to block out the light, the first image that pops into your head is probably that of slatted blinds that can be moved to wedge the light or allow it to fall as you need it. There is no denying that with changing times, Window blind evolution has also been phenomenal. When it comes to options to select from the top locations, blinds in Vancouver are an option to look out for. 

But what are blinds? Blinds are the option for windows that cover the windows in homes, offices, and hospitals. These active decoration elements can be appealing to the human eye and add some crackle to the interior. The best option is that it adds coziness and comfort to our daily lives. These can be an exceptional choice for people who prefer style and luxury. Today, when it comes to installing window blinds in Vancouver as an option, you have many window blinds options you can select from for your windows. Somewhere, it would be best if you also learned the facts about blinds & curtains that make them the ideal choice for every window in your house.

The most imperative facts for you to learn about the trending blinds in Vancouver that you must know are:

1. Blinds Have a Tremendously Rich and Long History

While we can’t conclusively trace back the exact beginning of the best-rated window blinds, these window accessories have been around for centuries. To put that into perspective, the earliest blinds in Vancouver, for example, were made from reeds and bamboo.

Intriguing? Well, wait until you hear that ancient Romans came up with an ingenious solution to dealing with all the debris and dust that was blowing into their homes. They hang damp cloth over their windows and doors to deal with this issue. Believe it or not, this is how the now famous and stylistic Roman blinds were invented!

 Still interested in some historical facts? Do you still think that Venetian blinds originated in Venice? Allow us to tell you that you’re wrong on this politely. Venetian blinds didn’t come from Venice. On the contrary, it’s the Persians who invented the now familiar slatted design that we all know today as Venetian blinds as one of the types of best-rated window blinds.

 2. Blinds can Help Reduce Your Monthly Air Conditioning Bills

In addition to their decorative functionalities, we all know that blinds can help protect you, your loved ones and assets from the sun, UV rays, and heat. But did you know that blinds can help you reduce your monthly air conditioning bills by a significant margin?

 According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE) (, curtains and blinds in Vancouver can reduce heat gains in a room by 33% and reduce heat loss from a warm room by 10%! This can be a leading way of lowering your air conditioning air bills.

3. Blinds can Reduce Carbon Dioxide in Your Home

As astonishing as it may sound, it’s interesting that using natural shades of blinds in Vancouver can help reduce carbon dioxide in your home. Scientifically speaking, blinds are made with eco-friendly fibers that tend to absorb carbon dioxide, which is a superb way of keeping your home and environment clean and safe.

4. Blinds can maintain good air circulation in Your Home

Before technology became a thing, heavy blinds prevented air circulation within homes in earlier days. While this option often kept severe weather out, it trapped smells, smoke, and unhealthy air to enter inside the houses. As a result, houses became quite unhealthy, especially for infants and adults to get sick.

But with the advent of technology and new devices added up in the construction industry, it’s now possible to design and create window blinds in Vancouver and curtains that allow a breath of fresh air while keeping out severe weather.

5. Blinds can elevate decor in Your Home

Color is an essential part of choosing window blinds. Whether you’re sourcing your blinds from your local business store or from abroad, color always plays an integral role in what you go for. 

You can select a color to go along with your wall color to blend in your blinds and make them almost invisible or you can select a bold color to make your blinds stand out and match with your decor. A lighter color can also help make your area look bigger. You can choose from more than 500 fabric options.That being said, you should enjoy the availability of the best rated window blinds at Ray Blinds.

6. Honeycomb Blinds can Help You Conserve Heat in Your Home

Are you looking for the most eco-friendly blinds in Vancouver, Canada? Well, the debate is over; honeycomb blinds are undoubtedly one of the best energy-saving window coverings you can use in your home. That’s because the honeycomb design helps trap air, thus creating a barrier against heat loss or gain.Honeycomb blinds provide a solution that would be functional, practical, beautiful and most importantly energy efficient.

7. Motorized or Cordless Blinds are the Safest

Since safety should be one of your main priorities, it’s important to note that reports indicate that around 140 children have died between 1999 and 2011 due to being entangled in cords or blinds.

If this sends shivers down your spine (it should), you’ll understand why many blind manufacturers favor cordless designs. You should, therefore, take a cue and go for the same. In other words, motorized or cordless blinds are the safest.


As any decorator will promptly tell you, blinds make a room. When chosen correctly, blinds will enhance the look of your home, offer privacy, and safeguard you and your loved ones. Hopefully, these exciting facts should help you learn more about these window accessories.

All in all, blinds should bring ceaseless comfort to your home and RAY BLINDS is the right place to find something that works perfectly for you!

 We are a reputed family owned company from Canada, delivering the best blinds in Vancouver and coverings to the customers. We provide the best and most premium quality blinds in Western Canada and offer the best installation services for measurements from our experienced professional team of window blinds. Our skilled professionals and experts will guide you about the correct schemes and right choices that can be made. Being one of the best blinds manufacturers in Canada, we aim to enhance our customer’s lifestyles with guidance and assurance with our construction products, especially blinds and curtains.

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